Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fresh Ground Havdalah

While the beverage of choice for making havdalah will always be wine, it is permissible to use other liquids. If wine is not available any drink people sip in social settings and is not intended to merely quench ones thirst may be used.

One way to engage a group of young people whom might not be otherwise interested in ritual observance could be to host a service at a local Starbucks, Tully's or other coffee shop using coffee to make havdalah. Of coarse you'll need permission from the establishment. If management is uncomfortable with the indoor flame take it outside. Many coffee shops have outdoor seating; a chilly candle lit night with coffee and friends is bound to be an enjoyable one.

It is possible to keep kosher at most coffee shops as long as you remain informed. For information regarding kashrut at Starbucks go to


Jennifer said...

Oh, Tim, you are so clever.

Your fave sis

Miss Serenity said...

Love the way you're starting out your blog! It has never even entered my mind to think that someone could do havdallah at Starbucks. Interesting. That would be something new to try. :)

Can't wait to see what you post about next!


Tahor Mitchell said...

You do not say why it is permissible to use a liquid other than wine for Havdalah...could it be that wine is a covenant drink and Havdalah without Moschiach is an incomplete covenant? In other words, until the covenant between the bride and groom are sealed on the wedding day, substitutes are used as to not detract from the significance of the final cup?