Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On Nishmat Mashiach, The Messianic Soul

The Shechinah, the souls of tzaddikim, and the preexistent soul of Mashiach are called Tziparim (birds) throughout our mystical tradition and the teachings of chasidut.(Zohar 8a, Epistle of the BeSHT) As early as parashat Bereshit the Ruach Elokim (Soul of Mashiach) is described as hovering like a bird over the waters of creation. (Bereshit Rabbah 2:5) The Zohar describes the dwelling place of the messianic soul on the outskirts of Eden. The Soul of Mashiach is said to be hidden in a place called Heichal Ken Tzippor, The Bird's Nest.

At the age of thirty years, our Rebbe went to be immersed by his cousin, Yochanan HaMatbil. It was on this occasion that he was crowned with the messianic soul. Our besorah records:
After Yeshua was immersed he rose directly out of the water. And observe this, the heavens were opened to him, and he saw the messianic soul descending like a dove, and coming to rest over him. And again observe, a heavenly voice was heard saying, "This is My Son, the dearly loved, in whom is My delight." [And as some add] Today I have begotten you.(Mattai 3:16-17;Lk. 3:22 codex Bezae, Hebrews 5:5 )
Rising from the river, whose waters figure those of creation, The True Tzaddik Yeshua was revealed as Mashiach with the decent of God's Spirit. After this event Mashiach spoke of himself using the language of a bird. He said, if we would only desire it, he would gather us under his wings. May it be soon and in our days!

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Christian said...

This is very interesting, I have heard many different thoughts on this, but this is very unique. I have never thought of it this way...I always thought of the Roach (not sure the english transliteration) was always just the spirit but not Messianic in nature.
Also, I have translated Berashit as with the beginning and the greek translation in the beginning of John (can't remember the word now b/c greek was forever ago) as to be with the beginning. I am trying to say that in John it says with the beginning was the word and the word was with G-d and the word was G-d, and i have understood it to mean that Yeshua was the manifestation of G-d's spoken word.
This is veery interesting...I enjoy reading it