Monday, November 10, 2008

The MaHaRI"Tz

On the eve of Kristallnacht, the night when Jews around the world take pause to reflect and remember the unimaginable murders, arrests, and vast destruction which took place on this single night alone, I received an email from a new friend. Attached was the image shown here. For years I had looked to obtain a copy of this rare photo of the MaHaRI”Tz (הַמַּהַרִי''ץ ), Moreinu HaRav Yechiel Zvi Herschensohn-Lichtenstein of Romania, a tzaddik of blessed memory. Perhaps if the horrors of the shoah had never occurred the memory of European Chasidei Yeshua like the MaHaRI"Tz would have never become so obscured. In their day the world was not ready for them. I don't believe many Jews who followed Mashiach at this time had any peace except the inner and often hidden peace that resonates from his love. Today we have in our midst a number of dedicated individuals seeking to restore the knowledge of these men at a time when our movement needs them most and is ready for their Torah.

The MaHaRI"Tz is remembered as a fervent man whose mind was always learning Torah. With the words “Ich will Ihnen sagen- let me tell you this,” he would deliver his teaching in a torrent of words rarely understood by his contemporaries (Kjوr-Hansen, Der Alte). With G-d's help our friends at FFOZ are working to translate and republish many works authored by scholars like the MaHaRI"Tz including his Beur leSifre Berit HaHadasha, a commentary on our messianic text which, I believe, will inspire our entire movement.

Thank you Brian Reed for the photo. I'm so grateful.

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