Monday, June 22, 2009

Vine of David is a new publisher dedicated to the advancement of a modern messianic movement through the circulation of Jewish texts authored by a forgotten generation of messianic Jewish sages. Obscured by the European holocaust, these texts reveal the thoughts and dreams of both Chasidic and non-Chasidic Orthodox Rabbis who looked forward to a messianic movement and an authentic Jewish expression awakened by work of Yeshua of Nazareth.

The first publications of Vine of David include two necessary resources for members of our broad community. The first is a work composed by R’ Paul Philip Levertoff, of blessed memory. This book, Love and the Messianic Age, describes our apostolic teachings as genuine chasidut and reveals a truly messianic Jewish paradigm. This text has been released accompanied by a clear and bold commentary with the ability to open these writings to even those unfamiliar with the ideas presented in the original work.

Restore the memory of pre-war messianic luminaries and transform your spiritual life by supporting the precious work of Vine of David.


Roman said...

I'm very stoked about this, cant wait to get a copy!

Yoshi said...

I am so excited about the works being produced by Vine of David! I have read a bit about R' Levertoff and some of his contemporaries. Their erudition in Torah is inspiring to a modern messianic world in need of increased scholarship, and their application of this to drawing out the beauty in our Mashiach and the writings of the apostles is really exciting to anticipate studying.

I plane on getting "Love in the
Messianic Age" soon, and I await the further republishing of these inspiring works.

Alaina Wood said...

We have been really looking forward for this to come out,
and we are so excited that we now have this great piece of literature available to us!