Sunday, July 19, 2009

Av 1, Yahrtzeit of R' Paul Philip Levertoff OB"M

Tuesday night July 21, 2009 corresponds the 1st of the Hebrew month of Av. This date marks a yahrtzeit (anniversary of death) for R’ Paul Philip Levertoff (Feivel Levtov) OB”M. It is very important to observe the yahrtzeit of our Rabbi at this time in the lighting of a candle and in the learning of his work Love and the Messianic Age. This is a very meaningful time inasmuch as it not only marks the time of our Rabbi's passing but also that of Aharon HaKohen and begins our 9 day reflection approching the rememberance of the destruction of the Holy Temple. He was both a priest and a house for the divine presence. He remains an inspiration.

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Jordan said...

"The redemption of the people will not come except out of the search for the G-d of Israel. And it is within your power to hasten the time of this redemption"

-Paul P. Levertoff