Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kabbetz West

Kabbetz, the UMJC’s regional gathering of twenties and thirties was really a great experience for the Seattle Jewish messianic community. This was a West Coast event, but young people traveled from all over to attend. Friday evening our rabbi, Jason Forbes, discussed an “open source” model for sharing our energy, thoughts, and talents for the purpose of building our community. On shabbos morning, a guest speaker, Rabbi Jason Sobel, inspired our community to practice a Jewish faith that could transform the world around us through the tangible experience of healing and real encounters with the divine. We davvened and ate continuously, which made for a very full weekend. Sunday morning we discussed further ways to create authentic community in our movement before riding the light rail from Synagogue Beit Hashofar into down town Seattle to sip some coffee and tour the Pike Place Market. Thank you to every one involved and a big yasher koach (especially to the kitchen crew)!


Rob P said...

Glad to hear everything went well!

Miri said...

I love how this weird pic of Levi made it on your blog post. :)

Tim Layne said...

I'm glad someone mentioned the pic :)