Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Borrowed Gear

While searching through used bookstores I sometimes come across an old Catholic Daily Missal. What's great about these little Catholic prayer books is that they may come with a vinyl jacket which is easily removed and transplanted to many similarly sized siddurim. I bought one last night for $2 and its jacket fits my siddur like a glove. Another nice bit of book equipment you can lift from a missal is the colored ribbons which are usually tucked between its pages. These are generally not affixed to the binding but to a small plastic card which is tucked into the spine of the book and will suit your siddur nicely. Next time you're constructing a parapet on the roof you'll know just where to find that brachah; its the blue ribbon on p.226.


Yoshi said...

This is cool. I am on the look out!

Rabbi Joshua said...

LOL ... thanks for the tips!

Tim Layne said...

Martha eat your heart out.