Wednesday, April 28, 2010

D.I.Y. Ascension Day

Here’s how we’re making Yom HaAliya happen.

1. Customized biodegradable balloons
2. Sandy shoreline with fire pit
3. Guitar savvy friends
4. Kosher dogs (fish and honey for the traditionalists)

Yom HaAliya is a great time to gather with friends to celebrate the ascension of Yeshua who rose like a wholly burnt offering into the sky ten days before Shavuot. Think ascension, things that rise; we’re having a biodegradable balloon release. You could do this or fly kites, or blow bubbles. Add an evening fire pit and smoky feast into the mix and you have a real winner of a holiday.


a Yid said...

What is the significance of the 40th day? Why was it then and not the 30 th day? or the 8th day, better yet?

Also, how does it tie into the Omer? And would that be the 40th day of the Omer? Or the 39th day, since it began the 2nd day of Pesakh? Shvu'os is the 50th so we only count 49 days (if I am recalling rightly).

This is new to me so I thought you may have some pointers, links or references.


Tim Layne said...

Mashiach rose on the first day of the Omer, We observe the day on the 40th of the count. Forty is significant in Torah for multiple reasons. Important to me is the correlation between the number 40 and the weeks of pregnancy. Yisrael is in the desert for 40 years before being reborn into HaAretz, there are 40 days from the beginning of Elul to Yom Kippur which can be seen as a very real spiritual rebirth. So the 40 days until the ascension is meaningful.

Miri said...

I was just looking at this post for reference, but if you want to know significance of the 40th day, read Jonah... it will dawn on you.