Monday, April 27, 2009

Kabbetz HaEsrim Midwest

Accounts confirm that Kabbetz HaEsrim Midwest was a success. For those unfamiliar, Kabbetz is a gathering of twenty and thirty somethings that takes place across the country…West coast, Midwest, and East cost. Although these extended weekends of learning and worship are arranged and promoted by the UMJC, they are open to our broad community. This year’s Kabbetz HaEsrim took place for the sake of strengthening communities and encouraging a love for our liturgical tradition among those of our generation.

Young people in and around Columbus Ohio were inspired and energized. Some were exposed to new songs and melodies. Others experimented with a level of tradition they had not previously been exposed to. Our community is like other Jewish affiliations re-investigating tradition yet we remain unmatched in our ability to make that tradition come alive for many who are far from Torah through the kind of dvekus (heart connection) only Mashiach brings.

In following posts I would like to introduce some practical ways to engage traditional prayer and practice; these short articles are dedicated to our friends in Ohio. May you continue to be inspired.


Pastor Steven said...

I look forward to reading those post.



Roman said...

It was a awesome gathering! Me and many others would appreciate some insights into traditional practices and also resources to listen and learn songs too.

Tim Layne said...

If you are one of the many people thinking "Hey Tim where the heck is the new post," apologies...I have been very busy. Soon my friends soon. Until then.

Lady Lavender said...

Shalom Aleichem Tim,

I just discovered your blog a month ago. I really enjoy your posts. I hope you don't mind that I put you on my mishpachah in Mashiach blog list. I enjoy the way you share and link things together. I am very interested in knowing how you study. And put it together so well. I have been walking a more observant lifestyle for 2 years and it has definitely been challenging not to mention I am an Imma that homeschools. But none the less a book lover!!! Thanks for sharing and please keep it coming!!!!

Shalom Angelique