Sunday, April 19, 2009

A New Album from Alaina and Roman La'Voy

Although the release date has yet to be announced, I’m looking forward to a new and independent album from two promising artists. Alaina and Roman La’Voy have been recording tracks for Empty Rooms With Sounds of Prayer. With tracks like Oseh Shalom the album is recognizably Jewish and is still kitschy enough to be called messianic…but its kitschy cool. The sound is definitely folk…but folk frum. It’s going to be a CD with a vinyl soul.

When asked, Roman La’Voy explained that for him the most important track on the album is one entitled Teach Me to Overcome “because,” he said “every one struggles in faith.” The album strikes me as a refreshing folk soundtrack behind a Torah life.

Preview a selection from the album and show your support at


Miss Serenity said...

Woo hoo! Can't wait to get his (or rather their) new kitschy cool folky frum CD. :) We listen to Roman's first one all the time.


Yoshi said...

This album is really amazing and is exactly what the messianic world needs. A new, fresh, messianic style in the spirit of inspirational folk and themes along the lines of Torah spirituality. From the preview I had I really enjoyed "Teach Me to Overcome" because it inspired me to continue to work on my challenges knowing that Hashem is with me in every success and failure.

Pastor Steven said...

Loved the folksy sound, great lyrics. I really liked the song based on 1 John 2:12-14.



Roman said...

Hey Serenity, Yosh, and Pastor Steve thanks so much for the comments and the support, Its means alot! Its been a long process and battle to get the project finished. Now were feeling like its actually moving forward B"H! And Thanx Tim for the review, its means so much bro!

Shaletha said...

I seriously can't wait to get ahold of this album. Roman and Alaina did an amazing concert for us in Columbus during the Kabbetz HaEsrim Conference. "Deeper" was definitely my fav. :-) You guys rock!

Ariel said...

Alaina and Roman...I LOVE your cd! I know all the words to ever song. I put it on during the long drives to and from work...i can't wait till you guys come out with another one...your voices work beautifully with each and it is very jazzy sounding...its GREAT!