Sunday, April 12, 2009

A thought for Spring

It’s a well known tradition that the world was created in the month of Tishrei during the fall. What you may not have known is that the sages tell us of an earlier creation. Before the world that we see was brought into being physically it was created in thought. It was created in the mind of G-d. Our tradition holds that this first creation took place in the spring during the month of Nissan. Reflecting this relationship, our Torah tradition associates Nissan with the world of miraculous events and Tishrei with the world of physical activity.

We can see this through our holiday observance as well. The autumn is a time for repentance with Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur; this is called a “stirring from below,” humanity reaching up to Hashem. The spring is a time for wonders with Pesach and the reliving of our exodus; this is called a “stirring from above,” Hashem reaching down to humanity. In our community we also observe the advent of Mashiach in the fall and his resurrection in the spring…a birth from below and a birth from above.

Although every day the world continues to wait for a future messianic age and the world to come, Mashiach taught us that we can experience this future world right now. Like the creation of this world, the messianic world to come is created twice, first privately then publicly. Although the world will not know redemption until Mashiach reveals himself openly, on a personal level we can, nevertheless, be re-born today.


Miss Serenity said...

Great post! I never heard of the "earlier creation" before. I've heard of the Gap Theory with the race before Adam and Eve, but not this.

I guess it would kind of make sense though, with Spring symbolizing new life and everything. I guess that sounds totally pagan, but Dad says all the pagan stuff has some truth in it somewhere (apparently that's how the devil decieves people?) so who knows? Maybe they got it from What the Sages Say. :)


Tim Layne said...

Thanks Ren...Love you.